Purchased backlinks: how useful are they really?

In the past, you could achieve a better SEO ranking with bought links. But is that still possible today? And how useful is it to buy backlinks anyway? As an SEO agency in Karlsruhe, we deal with this topic on a daily basis.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a (re) reference / link that starts from another website and leads to another website. The quality of the backlink can be defined in different areas: Trustrank, Pagerank and the anchor text. It also plays a role from which subject area the link originates. They say: The more and better a page is linked, the higher it is listed on Google, which means: Better found. For search engine optimization (SEO) the number and quality of backlinks are very important!

But is it still worth buying a link these days? And what are the dangers of buying a link? We'll enlighten you.

How to get backlinks

Logically, referrals back to your website occur when the content on your website is unique and of high quality. Google evaluates good backlinks as a “recommendation” of the website. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. These tips will give you a little insight into how real backlinks can be obtained:

  • Write good content that is interesting. Then others will automatically link to your website.
  • Network with other website operators that you can potentially link to (for example blogs).
  • Enter your company (with website) in the yellow pages.
  • Let yourself and your website be recommended.
  • If you own a local company: Become better known locally.
Google backlinks
Backlinks: Don't buy - build them up organically!

Buy backlinks - yes or no?

It used to be easy to score with purchased backlinks. The more links a website had, the better it was ranked. That has changed over the years: Google now also recognizes “bad” or “bought links”. Link spam must therefore be avoided at all costs. Because bad backlinks can also be shown negatively in the ranking: Google may penalize your website - we therefore advise against buying a link in any case.

Google itself writes about this:

Buying and selling links that pass PageRank can degrade the quality of search results. the Participation in link exchange programs is a violation of the Webmaster Guidelines and can have a negative impact on a website's ranking in search results.

Google, https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/guidelines/report-spam?hl=de

So should you absolutely avoid buying backlinks.

Link exchange: makes sense?

Another possibility is to exchange links with each other. It will look like that: A -> B | B -> A

But does that make sense? There is no clear answer to this. As always, it depends: Excessive link exchange can be punished. It can make sense to link to each other, but here too it depends on your individual case: It has to make sense. High quality thematically relevant links are better than any link in the footer. And Google knows that too.

Therefore: Link exchange programs are generally not recommended unless the links make sense. Google is getting “smarter” from day to day - and recognizes whether links that are thematically correct make sense - or not. Therefore, always be careful whether a link really makes sense.

Get backlinks securely and in a targeted manner. That's how it's done.

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