Imagify for WordPress - What is the plugin good for?

We rate the plugin with 5 stars.

Imagify is a tool for WordPress sites that helps webmasters to compress images. It is extremely important for websites to offer a good page speed (loading time - speed). The size of the images (JPG / PNG) also plays a role here! The tool is from the makers of WP-Rocket, a cache plugin.

The tool can be used to compress new and existing images in order to save storage space and significantly increase the speed of the website. In other words: it loads faster and the website user sees content faster. The compression is carried out without any visible loss of quality - and everything directly in the WordPress dashboard.

Who is the plugin for? For almost everyone who has a WordPress website, actually. Agencies like us also benefit from Imagify, because we also use this plugin on customer websites. It is easy to use and works with little effort. The only thing to note: The browser window must remain open. If you close the browser while the images are being compressed, this also ends the process! Make sure you keep the window open.

The characteristics of Imagify

  • All common image formats are supported: JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF
  • The size of the images can be changed automatically (enlarged / reduced).
  • Different compression levels can be selected (normal, aggressive, ultra)
  • Can be used directly from the WordPress dashboard
  • The Imagify servers are used for optimization
  • It is possible to convert to WebP.
  • The plugin is directly compatible with WP Rocket.

The prices

Imagify prices
These are the prices from Imagify. One package is even free.
  • 20 MB / month is free. (~ 200 pictures)
  • 4.99 $ / month for 500 MB. (~ 5000 pictures)
  • 9.99 $ / month for unlimited (as much as you want)

After completing the purchase you will receive one API keythat you enter in the WordPress dashboard. This is copied and used. That's it: the plug-in can be set and operated immediately afterwards. There are monthly as well as yearly packages that the plugin offers.

Loading times are an SEO factor


It's important for a website to load quickly. Let's be honest: Nobody likes long waiting times. Imagify helps to compress your images so that the loading time of your website is improved. Logically, smaller images load faster, which is especially noticeable on the go.

The plug-in is particularly worthwhile for websites with many images, but it is also a must-have for smaller pages. It shrinks all images in file size and compresses them without any loss of quality.

We tested the plugin

We love Imagify! It's a great plugin, which is definitely worth the money, and has been used by us on every website since then. The plug-in is well programmed and works flawlessly - all images are super compressed and operation is child's play. We can definitely recommend the plugin for WordPress.

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The plugin is available here:

We hope you enjoy compressing your images!