Problems with PayPal? How to proceed (PayPal Europe)

With over 300 million accounts, PayPal is one of the largest payment service providers worldwide. PayPal is considered safe, but consumer protection continues to warn against PayPal. There are also problems with the company, for consumers and sellers. Today we will show you what you have to do to open an official complaint against PayPal and how you can have an account restriction lifted if necessary.

PayPal reviews on Trustpilot

Problems with PayPal are quite common: The ratings, based on PayPal, on Trustpilot, are mostly negative (as of October 23, 2021). 86% of the reviews are rated “Unsatisfactory”. Of course, it should be mentioned here that most of the satisfied customers often do not give a rating, but the majority of customers are disappointed or even angry.

Many users who gave a rating here criticized the buyer protection, customer service and the company's lack of communication and transparency, among other things.

The Trustpilot profile of PayPal (Germany) can be found on the following link: https: //

PayPal is run as a bank in Europe

An important piece of information that entails some legal obligations: PayPal is run as a bank in Europe. Because the company, which often presents itself as a payment service provider, is legally a bank. At least in Europe. On July 2, 2007, PayPal received its banking license from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). This applies to the entire EU region. This means that PayPal has to adhere to European directives and laws that play a role for banks. PayPal's company that is officially active in Europe is official PayPal (Europe) S.à rl & Cie, SCA Of course, this information plays an important role in your complaint: The CSSF accepts complaints about PayPal, as it is responsible for them.

You can take these steps if you are having problems with PayPal

We have written steps here (in order) that you can do if you want to complain to PayPal. This order is not arbitrarily chosen. Start with the first step and continue unless you have a satisfactory solution:

  1. Contact by phone: 069 945189832
    or by Customer Center:
    It should be said that the answers that you receive here are mostly ready-made and mostly even happen automatically. Don't let yourself be put off and don't be satisfied with automated answers.
  2. Permanently restricted account? Contact (Brand Risk Enforcement / Management)
    According to employees, a response can take up to six weeks.
  3. No (or unsatisfactory) answer?
    Official complaint to with all the details of your case.
    + Complaint to
    A reply will be given within 30 days, but usually after two weeks.
  4. Still not a satisfied answer?
    Then there is the possibility of an official complaint to:

    Private customers:
    European consumer center Germany
    c / o Center for European Consumer Protection eV
    Bahnhofsplatz 3
    D-77694 Kehl

    Private and business customers:

    Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)
    283, route d'Arlon
    L-1150 Luxembourg
    Website: (complaint form: )
    This is the banking supervisory authority or commission responsible for monitoring PayPal.

If you complain to the CSSF, this requires that you have given PayPal the chance to comment or that the company has dealt with your complaint. To do this, you must have contacted the above-mentioned emails. It is therefore important that you have completed all the steps before contacting this point. It is also important to know that this complaint procedure is voluntary and is a so-called “out-of-court dispute resolution”. If you still do not get a satisfactory answer, you have to take legal action.

Tips for your complaint (PayPal Europe only)

We have had the following experiences that could help you:

  • Describe your situation as simply and clearly as possible, but precisely.
  • Go into details of the steps you have taken so far to contact us to try a solution.
  • If your money is frozen: request your money with a deadline and inform the complaints office.
  • Don't get rid of it!

Limitations with PayPal are annoying. Most of the restrictions can actually be resolved with customer service (by phone). You can submit the requested papers that PayPal would like to have via website. However, if your account has been permanently restricted, we recommend that you follow the steps we have written above.

Help for wording the complaint mail

Not eloquent and need help formulating your email? No problem. We have prepared a few formulation tips for you here:

  1. Compose your email with understanding that PayPal uses various security algorithms to protect itself against financial risks. Make sure that you know and understand the terms and conditions and PayPal rules.
  2. Mention that you will not accept the restriction as PayPal did not give you the opportunity to explain yourself and, if necessary, you submit all documents.
  3. Explain your business model to laypeople.
  4. Ask PayPal to check your accounts again.
  5. At the end, write a short summary of what you expect / want.
  6. In any case, stay objective.

What problems have you had with PayPal so far?

We know that experiences are always different and individual. Again with PayPal. Feel free to write to us about your experiences with PayPal. We are interested in your opinions, experiences and problems. We will be happy to respond to your comment.