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Web-Karlsruhe.de is yours Wordpress website expert. We have been familiar with the system for over 10 years and can assert ourselves as technical experts. As developers of WP pages, we have daily requests for the creation of new pages. Here we explain what a WordPress website is good for and what costs you should expect as a customer.

Well-developed pages come at a price

Wordpress website programmers charge different amounts of money. There are sometimes very large differences in price directions. The hourly rates of freelancers and agencies are between 70 and 200 euros net. Others, on the other hand, offer so-called “dumping prices”, because as an inexperienced new Wordpress developer you want to start collecting customer projects for your portfolio. Beware of prices below 50 euros an hour, because below this price level a website can usually not be of good quality. It is better to invest a decent amount here once and get a better result. Because in the end the website is your figurehead of the company or your company.

What's in the price of a Wordpress site?

That cannot always be said in general terms, since every website is always created and adapted individually to the customer. A rough list of what's included in the price can be found here:

  • Configuration and setup of the web server (~ 50 €)
  • Installation of WordPress (~ 50 €)
  • Backup configurations (~ 40 €)
  • Creation / creation of a theme (120-400 €)
  • Creation of subpages (from 40 €)
  • Creation of a contact form (from 40 €)
  • Installation of third-party plugins such as analytics, cookie consent (from € 60)
  • PageSpeed optimizations (from 60 €)
  • Training courses on the operation of WordPress (from 80 €)
  • Mobile optimization of the website - responsive design (from 160 €)
  • Costs for the domain (10-15 €)
  • License costs
  • Optional: maintenance contract and SEO (monthly)

In addition, it should be said that prices always move in different directions, also depending on the requirements placed on the programmer - and what has to be implemented in which way. Copywriters and photographers, graphic designers or other services from other freelancers / agencies are of course charged extra. Therefore, you should plan these things in advance and talk about them.

So what specific costs do I have to expect?

That all depends. A professional Wordpress website, depending on how complex it was built, usually costs between 1,000 - 2,500 € gross. This is a rough guide that you can use as a guide. The effort of these websites (mostly for small and medium-sized companies) is about 10-20 hours.

The larger the planned website is, and the more specific the requirements and change requests are, the more expensive the Wordpress site will be in the end. Some developers or agencies concentrate primarily on larger projects over 30 hours of effort, but these will also be more expensive. Remember: Freelancers are usually cheaper alternatives to expensive agencies - and usually bring an equivalent result.

Wordpress page
WordPress is particularly easy to manage.

Conclusion: the WordPress site

The price cannot be set specifically. Smaller websites are already available from 1,000 euroswithout having to complain about the quality of the website. However, it is important that you take a programmer / service provider by the hand who has years of experience in creating Wordpress pages.

Compare the service providers and pay attention not only to the price, but above all to reviews and quality. Do not be lured by cheap dumping prices, but always keep in mind, that quality has its price.

Frequently asked questions about Wordpress

How much does Wordpress cost?

Wordpress is a free system for websites. The prices for creating such a site vary greatly and depend on many factors (experience, speed, expertise, requirements, design). There are a few things that affect the price of a Wordpress site. With us, Wordpress pages start from € 1,200.

Where can I download Wordpress?

on Wordpress.org - the official website of Wordpress

What does a “Wordpress SEO Optimization” cost?

Here, too, the costs differ greatly. An hourly rate is between 70 and 200 euros (per hour).

How do I create a shop with Wordpess?

There is a plugin for Wordpress called "WooCommerce". This allows shops to be created and managed on a Wordpress basis. WooCommerce is free, only extensions cost money.